Alexandre Reil

Alexandre Reil
Partner · Attorney at Law · Master of Law

Alexandre Reil holds a law degree from the University of Lausanne. He passed his bar exam and was qualified to practice as an attorney in 1998. For several years, Alexandre worked as a legal counsel in a company providing auditing and tax services. He was also as a Vice-President of the Employment Tribunal of Est-Vaudois and served in the executive power body of a commune of canton of Vaud during 5 years.


His main areas of practice are Civil law, Divorce law, Company law, Employment law, Construction law, Criminal law and Tax law. He is a member of the Vaud Bar Association and of the Swiss Bar Association. Alexandre Reil is a co-author of a practical guide on Value Added Tax edited by Fiduciaire M. Favre SA in 1994.


Practice areas

Administrative law · Civil law · Commercial law · Construction law · Family law/Divorce · Asset recovery and bankruptsy · Lease law · Employment law · Tax law · Criminal law · Contract law